Careers Page Redesign

Our careers page was long overdue for a refresh. I reached out to our hiring team and worked with them to address current pain points, gather new requirements, and brainstorm some fun ideas to help jumpstart the designs in the right direction. The key elements that I focused on were emphasizing our cultural statements, highlighting current employees to set a more personal tone, and improving the open positions search functionality.

I wrote all the copy for this page so that it told as much of our company and cultural story through the words and experiences of our current employees. I also immediately started collaborating with our Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist to begin storyboarding and shooting for a cultural video that will live at the top of the page. Additionally, the search functionality for open positions was drastically improved so that openings are searchable by department and location. This new design also sparked improvements on the backend, resulting in faster load times and a more seamless UX.

Ultimately, the hiring team is thrilled with the new designs, and we’re excited to launch soon.